Action camp in three weeks!

Dear people,
The Code Red action camp starts in 19 days! All the more reason to stay well up to date. Each day more is confirmed about the program, more transport options are organized and more information about the action itself becomes available. Did you already think about how you’ll prepare, how you’ll get to the camp, and what and whom you’ll bring? Or maybe you would like help with the organization! Read on for more information about the upcoming action trainings, the camp, the transport options, and the mass civil disobedience action!


Don’t forget to grab one of the last opportunities to join an action training! There are trainings still coming up in UtrechtDelfzijl, Amsterdam (on the 18th and the 19th of August), Nijmegen and another last one at the action camp, in case you’ll have to miss the other ones. These are great opportunities for everyone to get to know others who are interested in taking part in the action, to exchange action strategies or to get more info about civil disobedience and climate justice. Sign up for an action training here!
Moreover, there are two events in Amsterdam this week for those who are interested: a stickering workshop and an info picnic!


Do you already know how you’ll get to the camp? There are a few organized transport options. Buses are going from Amsterdam, from The Hague, from Utrecht and even from Brussels. Our friends from Ende Gelände are organizing a Börse where you can find options to hitch a ride with someone or offer a free space in you car. You can also join the bike ride all the way from London to Groningen. You can join in at Utrecht and Nijmegen. On the website you can find an overview of these options:


More and more program components are getting confirmed for the Code Red action camp 2018! This year the camp will last seven days and it comes with a rich program! From art space to a lecture by Andreas Malm, from panel discussions to sports field, there’s something for everyone.
The 25th of August is all about the problems around natural gas, locally and globally. On the 26th of August we’re talking methods, strategies, alternatives and the different ways to be active in the fight against fossil fuel industry and for climate justice. On the 27th of August we’re preparing for the action and on the 28th we’ll get started! Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page, because the program is going to be diverse and impressive!


Don’t forget to pack well as your prepare for the action! On the website you can find an overview of what to bring (and what not to bring) to the action. There’s a separate packing list for the camp. If you are coming to the camp, please also take a look at the guidelines!


Mobilizing a mass, collecting all the needed materials, preparing the action, you name it. It takes a village to disrupt the gas extraction! Would you also like to contribute? You can help in many different ways! We are specifically looking for help with the following things.

  • Performances during the blockadeIn addition to speeches and discussions about the impacts of gas extraction and climate change, we would like to bring motivation, energy and joy for all the participants with a lively artistic program with for instance theatre, dance, poetry, music performances that could fit in the program. The performances that could include topics such as climate change/fossil fuel/ Groningen gas struggle/ civil disobedience/ climate justice are more than welcome.In addition, we warmly encourage every participant to bring instruments and games during the blockade and come with ideas to keep us engaged and enthusiastic. Are you interested? Contact us by email:!
  • Photographers. The media team could use a little help with the photography! For both at the camp and during the action we still need people who would like to take pictures. Are you interested? Contact us by email:
  • Drone footage. We are also planning on shooting some footage using drones during the action week. Can you do this or do you know someone who might? Contact us by email:
  • Translation. During the camp the working group Facilitation will organize plenary gatherings every morning and evening to give updates on the program of the day. These gatherings are held in Dutch and considering that we also expect international guests, we need people who can help translate from Dutch to English. Experience is not needed, but it would be good if you already have an idea about how live translation works. Do you understand Dutch well and do speak English well? Contact us via email:
  • Financing the action we also do together, of course, so you can always contribute by donatingan amount to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA). 

Code Rood