Code Rood 2018 in Groningen!

The CODEROOD climate action camp of 2018 will be in the gas extraction region of Groningen, from 24th to the 31st of August.  The main day of action will be on the 28th, ‘Bommen Berend’, commemorating the liberation of the town of Groningen in 1672.

Our action will be against the looting of the land, communities and people of Groningen for profit by the companies extracting gas.   Progress has been stuck for too long, and it is time to come in action.  We know who is stopping necessary action: Shell.  We want to support the resistance in Groningen. Together with people from Groningen we will develop an action. The year 2018 will be crucial for Groningen.  By november the government needs to present a new ‘Gasbesluit’, and we want  it to announce the end of gas extraction in the Netherlands.

But Gas extraction is also an important issue in the transition needed for climate.  Gas is being marketed as a ‘transition fuel’, but this is a bridge to the past, not to a better future.  The coming of the end of gas in Groningen is already giving an enormous impetus for refurbishing industry, housing, etc to transition to alternatives like better insulation, efficient use of energy, and switching to heat pumps for heating, and electricity from clean sources.

Elsewhere in Europe, resistance against new gas pipeline infrastructure is strong. Financially these investments will be of the type ‘sure-regret’.  Like the shiny new coal power plants that were built to ‘improve’ on the older, even dirtier ones.  Once they start operating we’ll find out they are beyond our needs, and clean electricity from wind and sun will only reduce our dependence on gas.

We are considering a variety of targets for action and there is already a candidate location for our action camp.  Groningen is bubbling with creative thinking.

We hope to organise an informative programme at the camp, about the gas troubles, what is needed, and how we can have a better future.

If you want  to become actively involved, register for the mailing list, come to our next Action Conference, or email us directly if you want to join a working group.

Fourth Action Conference, March 17th

Probably in Groningen again.  You can register yourself for the event now.

June 27 2017: CODE ROOD climate action is a big success!

The first mass civil disobedience action against fossil fuels was a great success! More than 300 people occupied the coal harbor of Amsterdam, pushing it to close down all activity for the day. We ruled the industry today, but the fight against the fossil industries continues. We will continue with our actions in the future: oil, coal and gas must stay in the ground!

Our liveblog followed the day we built up of the climatecamp, the day of preparation, and the day of action at the OBA coal harbour.  There is also a map with the location of the camp.

Code Rood [Red Alert] is calling for a mass disobedience action to protect our collective future. On the 24th of June, the second anniversary of the historic Urgenda Climate Case in the Netherlands, we have drawn a red line against climate change in the port of Amsterdam, the largest gasoline harbour in the world and 2nd largest coal harbour in Europe, after Rotterdam.

There is no time to lose. While the climate is already visibly changing and politicians politicians allow for continued record breaking greenhouse gas emissions we are building a militant climate movement that makes a switch from mass protest to mass disobedience. We are calling for everybody to join us in this collective struggle. When we join forces we can break the power of the fossil fuel industry!

Join us!

You do not require any specific experience to help. Anybody can make a valuable contribution! Keep an eye out on upcoming events, mail a working group or us directly if you want to help.