CODE ROOD continues!

CODE ROOD continues! Join us on 25th Nov, at our 2nd Actionconference!

At our 1st actionconference for the 2018 CODEROOD we brainstormed about ideas for next year.  How and where can we best apply our special type of pressure to make clear that change is necessary, it is urgent, it we can collect a large group of determined people to come in action, for action on climate. A number of groups were formed to prepare more detailed proposals that will be presented at our 2nd actionconference on 25th November.

  • Schiphol: airports keep growing, thanks to effective but hidden subsidies. Alternatives like train and bus inside Europe cannot even compete. This cannot be sustained. So it has to stop.
  • Groningen: the example of injustice in the Netherlands. A necessary transition that is held back is killing for the people involved. Groningen is the dutch show-case for the idea that “Climate Justice” is the central theme of Climate Action.
  • Giro de Blokkadia: a bicycle tour from target to target with each day an action, working up to a climax
  • Amsterdam Harbour: coal, diesel, etc.  Continue our pressure from 2017.
  • Rotterdam Harbour: larger than Amsterdam, we can do it in 2018

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CODE ROOD continues!

CODE ROOD continues!  Would you like to think with us about a second year, and join in the action of CODE ROOD?  How and where is the most appropriate place for CODE ROOD to apply its own unique type of pressure, to speed up the urgently needed transition to a cleaner and fairer society, with prospects of a future without climate catastrophe? Join us at our action conferences in October, November.  Travel with some of us to Bonn.  Take part in an action training.  For details, check our calender!

CODE ROOD climate action big success!

Our liveblog followed the day we built up of the climatecamp, the day of preparation, and the day of action at the OBA coal harbour.  There is also a map with the location of the camp.

The first mass civil disobedience action against fossil fuels was a great success! More than 300 people occupied the coal harbor of Amsterdam, pushing it to close down all activity for the day. We ruled the industry today, but the fight against the fossil industries continues. We will continue with our actions in the future: oil, coal and gas must stay in the ground!

CODE ROOD has started! You can find the location of the climate camp and the latest news here.

Code Rood [Red Alert] is calling for a mass disobedience action to protect our collective future. On the 24th of June, the second anniversary of the historic Urgenda Climate Case in the Netherlands, we will draw a red line against climate change in the port of Amsterdam, the largest gasoline harbour in the world and 2nd largest coal harbour in Europe, after Rotterdam.

There is no time to lose. While the climate is already visibly changing and politicians politicians allow for continued record breaking greenhouse gas emissions we are building a militant climate movement that makes a switch from mass protest to mass disobedience. We are calling for everybody to join us in this collective struggle. When we join forces we can break the power of the fossil fuel industry!

Climate camp

From Thursday June 22nd until Monday June 26th there will also be an informal climate camp in the port of Amsterdam, at biking distance from Sloterdijk train station. The exact location will be announced at the very last moment. Please plan to come as early as possible to the camp – if possible from 22nd of June – to build and secure the camp together, and to be well prepared for the action on the 24th of June.

Facebook event for the camp and the action

Join us!

Participation in this action does not require any specific experience. Everybody can make a valuable contribution! On this website you will find an overview of all our upcoming action trainings, info events, our 5th action conference and a list of our working groups and how you can join them.