Decision Wiebes, the action plan & more

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A new Code Rood newsletter! Read now all about:
  1. Minister Wiebes’ decision
  2. The action plan for August
  3. Plans for ‘Groningsdag’ and 24 June
  4. Code Rood solidair with hunger strikers
  5. Action conference 6 May
  6. Upcoming events
  7. Donations
1.    Minister Wiebes’ decision
Minister Wiebes has announced that the gas extraction in Groningen will be reduced to 12 bilion m3 by 2022 and stop in 2030. We celebrate this as a victory for the people who suffered under and resisted the gas extraction, but we will continue our action. Is there anyhow gas left in the ground in 2030? And what does this mean for NAM, Shell and Groningen?
Together we examine and discuss the implications of this decision for our plans. At the upcoming action conference on 6 may we will take a decions about this. Do you have ideas or would you like to think along? Send us an email!
2.    The action plan for August
The action conference in Groningen in March was a big succes! We were together with over 80 people to plan ahead our action and camp in Groningen. Also the action plan was presented: Code Rood will block the terminal park in Farmsum (Groningen) around 28 August. Together we will use our bodies to block tankers to block tankers with toxic natural gas condensate. This plan is inspired by earlier successful actions at the terminal park, the weakest link in the gas extraction by the NAM, Shell and Exxon.
Invite all your friends now to join the camp and action: Mass Against Gas!
3.    Plans for ‘Groningsdag’ and 24 June
At the action conference in March there were also plans made about the dates of 27 April and 24 June. The former is Kingsday, and this year the king is visiting Groningen. A good moment to remind him to his responsibility, as Shell still has the predicate ‘Royal’. Join to turn Kingsday into Groningsday!
24 June is the anniversary of the climate case against the Dutch state. This is why the Code Rood action in the port of Amsterdam last year took place on this day. There is the idea to organise a symbolic action on this day where everyone can join. You will hear more about this at the upcoming action trainings and online,
Do you want to help organise? Send an email, then we put you in touch with the right people!
4.    Code Rood solidair with hunger strikers
For more than a month people from Groningen have been on a hunger strike in Appingedam, opposed the so-called ‘Centre Safe Living’. They protest against the gas extraction and for a fair compensation of the earthquake damage that was caused by the NAM. On 12 March Jan Holtman started the hunger strike, and soon Jannie Knot joined. Jannie has stopped her strike to take care of her child, and Jan stopped after 26 days without eating. Pieter Douma is continuing the struggle and now 14 days on honger strike. The fight continues!

At the action conference in March Code rood has showed solidarity and some people visited the hunger strikers. But they can also use your support! Send a postcard to hunger striker Pieter or come visit:
 p/a CVW, Buxzijlweg 1, 9902SB Appingedam, the Netherlands.

5.    Action conference 6 May
the next action conference is already in two weeks: on 6 May in Groningen. Sign-up on the website now, and share the facebook event with your all your friends!
6.    Upcoming events
A useful overview with nice and interesting events, put them in your agenda:
7.    Donations
We always need donations! For instance for the costs of the last action conference or printing posters and flyers. If you can miss something, transfer now to
 NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA. And share this call with friends and family!

Code Rood