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Dear friends,

Strong earthquakes in Groningen, plans to start fracking on the Groningen-Friesian border, damage claims from Shell and Exxon if they are not allowed to keep extracting gas, and the NAM avoiding to take responsibility. The fossil fuel industry is destroying Groningen, has done that already on other places on our planet and will continue its destruction until nothing is left to destroy.
So it is time for mass civil disobedience. From 24 to 31 August Code Rood will take action. We will show the fossil fuel industry and the government that enough is enough. We cannot do this without your support.
A lot of people have been working for almost a year on the preparations – meetings, writing, scouting, planning and a lot more. So that we can take action with hundreds of people at the end of August. To make this happen we need money. We would like to ask you to support Code Rood by donating €15 (or more) to bank account NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 in the name of Steungroep NVDA.
We want to collect money in the coming months for flyers and posters, action materials, organising events, action trainings and infrastructure for a mega action camp. Pretty much everything to bring Shell, Exxon, the NAM and the ministry of economic affairs to their knees.
Code Rood is not a formal organisation – it is powered by the unbridled energy of hundreds of volunteers. Every euro that you donate will be used to make our action happen. We do not have sponsors and would not want to get subsidie – Code Rood is a horizontal movement and not influenced by anyone but ourselves. Together we make this action and together we pay this action.
We expect to need €30,000 in total. If 2,000 people would donate €15 each we are done. So send this email to friends, family and share our call for donations on social media.
Do you want to know how your donation will be used? Look here!
Would you like to become active as a volunteer? Check here what you could do!
Can you help us with action materials? Here you find our wish list!
Thanks in advance!
Code Rood