Join Code Rood!

Dear people of Code Rood,
Last week we asked for your financial support to make the Climate Camp possible in August. The first donations are coming in but your donation is certainly still necessary! You can find the crowdfunding page here.

But just as important are all the te people who use their time to make Code Rood a success. Do you also want to help? Come to the action conference on 6 May or organise an info-evening in your area!

On Sunday the 6th of May the next Code Rood action conference will take place in Groningen. Are you thinking of becoming more active in the organisation of Code Rood actions? Then this is the moment to join one of the Working Groups! Are you not yet sure about which role you would like to play? Then the action conference is the place to be find out more. Your help is much needed.
During the action conference we will also make important decisions about the action consensus and the manifesto of Code Rood. Furthermore, there will be time to discuss what the decision of the Dutch government to stop gas production in 2030 means for our plans. Of course there will be a delicious lunch and dinner in the end, both of which you don’t want to miss out on.

Sign-up now for the action conference!

In the coming 2-3 months everywhere in the country (and abroad!) we will organise information evenings about Code Rood and the action in Groningen. Together we will mobilise as many people as possible to visit the camp and take part in the action. 
Do you want to help to organise an info-evening in your area? You can help with these roles:
  • Facilitator: Welcome new arrivals, distribute folders/fliers/stickers, note down contact information & newsletter subscriptions.
  • Speaker about Code Rood: Who are we, what do we want, what are our basic values.
  • Speaker about the action in August: Why Groningen, why gas, Action camp and  legal support demonstration.
  • Personal experience: Why do I take part in Code Rood, what did I do until now. That can range from “I went to an action conference or information evening” to “I am part of a working group” or “I took part in a civil disobedience action”. Make it personal, convey your experiences and  feelings. Make clear that contributing is possible at every level.
  • Technician: make sure the  beamer and presentations work, start films etc.
  • Logistics: arranging the location.
  • Promotion: promoting the event so that there will be a nice audience.
Or do you know a suitable venue for a Code Rood info-evening? Send us a contact person!
Do you want to help to make a mass movement from Code Rood? Send us an email now! 
See you at the action conference on the 6th of May!

With comradely greetings,

Code Rood