Solidarity with the Stansted15

Today Code Rood stands in solidarity with the Stansted15 as their long
trial draws to a close in the UK this week. We firmly believe that our
brave comrades should walk free after having been put through so much by the British judicial system over the last two years. We know why they
acted to stop the deportation flight as they did, their actions spoke
louder than our words can on the dire need to resist the secretive,
brutal and racist deportation system in the UK.

More on the case can be found here.

The links between migration and climate change are clear. Many people
across the world have already been forced to leave their homes due to
the impacts of climate chaos, as droughts, floods and resultant
famines increase. The need to resist barely legal deportation systems
like that of the UK grows stronger.

Taking collective action is central to the work of Code Rood and we
commend the strategic, safe, peaceful and successful action the
Stansted15 took to ground the deportation flight. It  has resulted in
two of the planes occupants being granted permanent leave to remain in
the UK, whilst others onboard continue to fight their asylum cases on UK
soil. We call on the UK state to drop the terrorism related charges that
threaten to incarcerate these activists with potential life sentences if
found guilty. Our love and solidarity goes out to the Stansted15 this
week as the jury are sent out to deliberate.