Local meet-ups ‘2 years of Code Rood, and now what?’

Dear people,
After 2 years of Code Rood, the moment for reflection and coming up with next steps for the movement has come. We are faced with questions like: What works well with the organizational form of Code Rood and what should be done differently? How do we build the movement, and what role does Code Rood play within social and climate movements? But also: Are we going for a major mass action in 2019, or do we want to focus on multiple decentralized actions, and are we going to build several local Code Reds?
Several local meetings are already being organized in
Amsterdam on December 13th,
Rotterdam on December 13th,
Leiden on December 14th,
Nijmegen on December 16th,
and Utrecht on December 16th.
You’re encouraged to set up a local meet-up in your city to think about these issues, because Code Rood comes from people everywhere! Mail to coderood-mobilisatie@lists.riseup.net for help with setting up a local meet-up, and check out the instructions on the website.
These meet-ups play an important part in determining the direction we are collectively headed as Code Rood, so it would be good if as many people as possible think along! After the local meet-ups we will gather the outcomes for further discussion in February, so that we can do collective decision-making in March!
Don’t forget to also fill out the Code Rood 2018 evaluation form if you haven’tdone so already.
Code Rood