Climate Activists Disturb the Largest Gas Converence of Europe

This morning (14th of May 2019) the 25th edition of the Flame Conferene, held in the Amsterdam Okura Hotel, was disturbed by several groups of people, supported by Gastivists & Code Rood. Click here for the video on Twitter and Facebook.

During the action, several journalists were removed from the conferene. One activists has been arrested and is still being held by the police on Johan Huizingalaan 757. There is support on this location, where currently a noise demonstration is occuring. The lawyer suspects that between half past five and six it will become clear whether or not the person will be held longer or will be moved to foreign detention or will be released.

The past two days a hope lies and garbage was announced from the Flame converence. However, with this quote from a representative of RWE we can all agree “The fossil fuel industry underestimates the pressure and will of the people to transition to renewable energy”.

This action is only a small part of the growing world wide movement against gas. We demand justice for all people in Groningen and all over the world who resist the fossil fuel industry and climate violence. #Flamover!

Tonight another protest will happen! Join! More info here on Facebook: FLAME OVER: protest against the 25th birthday of Flame.