Who is afraid of disobedient resistance?

Dear people, 

After some scheming, the time has come to announce our plans for next year. Shell: we know how they disrespect land rights, human rights, local law, tax rules and all life on the planet, and we cannot justify that their climate destroying business as usual continues any longer. So: #ShellMustFall! And what better place to announce our new plans than at their annual shareholders meeting? 

More about Shell Must Fall!, Ende Gelände, Free the Soil and a few words on the intelligence services and het Actiefonds in this newsletter. 


Next year we will take mass action to block the shareholders meeting of Shell! Code Rood was present at the last AGM at the Circustheater in Scheveningen to talk about human right violations, earthquakes in Groningen, and the lies and lies and lies that Shell has spread. We announced: Shell Must Fall! Although the suits on the podium stressed the importance of ‘transparency’ and ‘social licence to operate’ (notice the ‘lie’ in ‘licence’), it was not allowed to film or photograph inside. We did manage to spread two of the videos already, one of a spokeswoman who announces our action in name of Code Rood, and one of a spokeswoman, speaking in name of our coalition partner Climate Liberation Bloc about climate racism. Share, like and talk about it with everyone, because these videos are the announcement of our action! Together with the Gastivists, Climate Liberation Bloc, you, and thousands of others, we will block the AGM nest year.

Shell Must Fall Get Involved

5 June in Utrecht is ons our first info talk at the ACU. The program will most likely be in Dutch but whisper translation can be arranged. Bring your friends! 

Shell Must Fall Speaker training

8 June in Amsterdam we are organising a ‘speaker training’. Do you want to help tell the story of how and why Shell Must Fall? Can you help mobilising, do you want to talk to the media, or contribute to our campaign? We love your involvement!

Shell Must Fall infotour (Groningen)

On June 15th in Groningen: the Shell Must Fall Info-tour. A night about Shell where different people suffering under the destructive practices of Shell will speak. Cort Fossen will speak on behalf of the Groninger Bodem Beweging, Olarenwaju Suraju, the director of Civil Society Network Against Corruption, will speak about human rights violations in Nigeria. Furthermore, Nicholas Hildyard, of the Cornerhouse and people from Code Rood will take the stage.


At least 5 climate protectors from Fossil Free Netherlands, Extinction Rebellion and Code Rood have been approached by the intelligence services of the Dutch police force over the past few months. Their intrusive question was: Do you want to spy in your own action group and the wider climate movement? This kind of unexpected visit by police who refuse to identify themselves is intimidating. Particularly because they know a lot about you. We wonder: Doesn’t the police have better things to do than harass people who spend their free time working on a better society?

On our website you can read more about how we have been approached and what our response is (in Dutch, unfortunately). We also provide tips in case you are also approached: https://code-rood.org/nl/2019/06/05/een-open-brief-aan-de-inlichtingendienst-van-de-politie/ 

We will also organize a joint information evening with Fossielvrij, Code Rood and Extinction Rebellion about the politics & the intelligence services in relation to the climate movement. For climate activists who have questions about the recent attention that these institution have directed at us, what it means for us and how we deal with it. The program will most likely be in Dutch but whisper translation can be arranged. It’ll be on Monday, June 17th, at 19.30 @ Milieucentrum Utrecht (Oudegracht 60)


The idea for Code Rood started in the bus back from an Ende Gelände Action in Germany. If it is possible in Germany to block fossil fuel infrastructure with more than a hundred people, then mass civil disobedience must also be possible in The Netherlands! And it was. On Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June busses will leave from the Netherlands to the Rheinland, for the 6th Ende Gelände Action. You can travel on you own to the climate camp to take part int he action or legal demo, or make a reservation for a place in our bus with this link. Sunday night the bus will take you back again. Read on this website what you can expect and how you can prepare yourself.

If you can’t come but don’t want to miss it: we will make livestreams, so check our facebook for updates!


Free the Soil is a campaign to expose the devastating practices and impacts of industrial agriculture and the major role this industry plays in the escalating climate crisis. Free the Soil organises a mass-action of civil disobedience against the fertilizer-company YARA, as well as an Agriculture & Climate-Justice Camp between the 19th and 25th of September 2019 near Brunsbüttel (Northern Germany). More information on the camp, the action and how to get involved can be found on their website.


The ‘Actiefonds’ has been supporting activists fighting against injustice and inequality around the world for more than 50 years. To be able to continue this important work in the future, the fund needs new supporters. This will provide the strong bases to continue to support social and environmental movements in the future. 

If you support the fund, you contribute directly to the success of movements like Code Rood!

Do you need more reasons to become a supporter? Check out this little movie!


We are always looking for extra hands. Do you want to become active? Please contact us at info@code-rood.org. But you can also support climate justice from behind your computer. Tell the people around you about Code Rood and how they can support! Donations are also always welcome:  NL55 TRIO 0388 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA. 

All the best,

Shell Must Fall!

Code Rood