Defund the police

Defund the police is becoming a mainstream idea in the United States. Here’s American mainstream media, late-night talk show host John Oliver calling for it:
“It’s about moving away from a narrow concept of safety, that relies on policing and punishment, and investing in a community’s actual safety net. Things like stable housing, mental health services and community organizations.”

Yesterday this actually happened in Minneapolis, with their city council announcing the intent to disband the police department.

So we’ve come a long way after two weeks of protests, but it’s also only happened after the brutal murder of George Floyd and after centuries of oppression of black Americans.

So the video ends with the clip of Kimberly Jones, that’s been doing the rounds on the internet, this weekend:
“You BROKE the contract, when you KILLED us in the streets and didn’t give a FUCK. For FOUR HUNDRED YEARS we played your game and BUILT your wealth. And when be BUILT our wealth on or own, you SLAUGHTERED US. YOU broke the contract. So FUCK your Target. They are LUCKY that what black people are looking for is EQUALITY and NOT REVENGE.”