18 May Shell AGM: Shell Must Fall action call out!

Action Call Out! Shell shareholders meetingMay 18, 2021

Shell Must Fall!

May 18th is Shell’s shareholder meeting. Local groups in the Netherlands and other countries will take action on this day for a future without the oil giant!

The management of Shell wants only one thing: Maximum profits for shareholders. And it knows no boundaries. Corruption scandals, laying off staff, earthquakes in Groningen, a polluted Niger Delta, and the climate crisis. The chances of Shell ever becoming a fair trade ecological company are nil. It is time to dismantle the company, expropriate the shareholders, split off the sustainable parts, and force the company to clean up its mess and phase out oil and gas production. We say: 

  • DISMANTLE SHELL with the any legal, economic or political means necessary 
  • ensure an JUST TRANSITION for workers in the fossil industry
  • ensure REPARATIONS for impacted communities and ecosystems 
  • build a decentralized and socialized ENERGY DEMOCRACY for all

What are we going to do?

Shell’s shareholders meeting is the perfect moment to show throughout the Netherlands and beyond to why Shell must fall and how Shell must fall. With creative, disruptive, artistic or inspiring actions we revolt against Shell and tell the story of a different future. 

We expose Shell and show the company for what it really is. In solidarity with affected communities and in solidarity with workers in the fossil industry who do the dirtiest work for the lowest wages. 

Shell has nestled itself into the capillaries of our society. Not only with hundreds of gas stations, but also with Shell offices, heavy industry and partnerships with cultural institutions, governments and educational institutions and in our pension funds. In all these places it is possible to take action under #ShellMustFall

Action Toolkit

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a Toolkit to help grassroots groups take action against Shell. In the Toolkit you can read more about Shell, about Shell Must Fall and the long history of resistance against Shell. You’ll find examples of actions that can serve as inspiration, and we provide numerous helpful tips for setting up your own action

Also, check out our Mobi-Kit with stickers and visual material.

Info Event

On May 3rd we are organizing an info event for anyone interested in organizing an action on May 18. During the info evening we will tell more about Shell Must Fall, what we want to achieve and how we can support action groups. We will also make room for the exchange of ideas and plans.

Time: 19.30 – 21.00 hrs