Announcement: Anti-capitalist bloc at the climate march on November 6

On Saturday the 6th of November the 2021 climate march will take place in Amsterdam, organised by a broad coalition of social organisations and movements. While politicians will be meeting in Glasgow at the 26th COP (UN climate conference), we will take to the streets once again to make our demand for global climate justice be heard loud and clear. The COPs so far have led only to declarations and broken promises; companies keep polluting and profiteering like there is no tomorrow even though the last IPCC report (UN climate report) calls for ever more radical action. For us, these past failures to seriously address the catastrophic climate crisis that is currently unfolding cannot be separated from the economic system we are living under.

This is why we are organising as an anti-capitalist bloc during the climate march.

Capitalism is an economic and social system that is driven by a profit-oriented logic and is built on exploitation, extraction and endless growth. It lets corporations and the 1% owners amass massive wealth in the process, while the majority of people on this planet make barely enough to live. It is these large corporations who are responsible for spurring the climate crisis, with 100 companies alone being responsible for over 70% of global CO2 emissions. These corporations exploit workers, steal resources and land, pollute ecosystems and many environmental defenders have died opposing them. Despite what their deceitful greenwashing campaigns may claim, corporations have neither the plans nor the will to change for the better. In all of this, politicians have failed to demand change from corporations to protect affected peoples and communities and our planetary future.
The reason why organising an anti-capitalist bloc in the Netherlands is particularly important is the extremely damaging role this country plays in supporting the global system of exploitation and corporate greed that is capitalism. This reaches from its long colonial history, to being the home of Shell (MustFall), to remaining one of most important tax havens in the world. At the same time, the Dutch government continues to invest in ever deadlier borders and permanent wars.

The climate crisis is not a problem that can be tackled within the same system that created it. We need to do away with false neoliberal “solutions” and instead build a movement that addresses the problem at its root, working towards democratizing the economy and bringing justice to frontline communities. Only a mass movement can stop the exploitative and destructive economic system that values profit over human lives and nature, and can bring justice everywhere!

March with us if you want to build a radical mass movement to stop climate chaos!


Code Rood
Extinction Rebellion
Internationale Socialisten
Rhythms of Resistance
Transnational Institute (TNI)