Coming Up: The Making Shell Fall Online Conference

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🔥 Two years ago, we announced to Shell’s shareholders and managers that we would do everything to put an end to their planet-wrecking business model. Ever since, climate breakdown has been escalating, a global pandemic has further exacerbated the existing crises of hunger and poverty, and Shell has done anything but become the green and social company it sometimes pretends to be. But we are still here! And #ShellMustFall is more relevant than ever: the world can’t afford corporations like Shell anymore!

🗓 On 8-9 January 2022 we will get together for an online conference to discuss and exchange strategies in suing, dismantling, nationalizing, expropriating and splitting up Shell and other corporations. We will talk with communities and organizations from around the world to form new alliances, plan actions, and imagine a future beyond fossil capitalism. There will be opportunities to learn more about #ShellMustFall and other campaigns, getting to know new comrades and conspirators, and to simply hang out.

The conference will be held in English. If you are in need of sign language interpretation, please send us an email under


Are you in?