During the coming months we will be going around the whole country and beyond to organize info talks about Code Rood and the action in August. Do you want to help make this happen? Together we’ll get as many people as possible to come to the camp and participate in the action!
Do you want to help set up an info talk near you? You can take on one of these roles:

  • Facilitator: welcoming people, handing out stickers and flyers, collecting emails of those interested in receiving the newsletter.
  • Speaking about Code Rood: speaking about who we are, what we want and what our principles are.
  • Speaking about the action in August: why Groningen, why natural gas, action camp and legal support demo.
  • Speaking about your experience: Why did you join in with Code Rood? This may range form “I went to an action conference” to “I partook in a civil disobedience action”. Make it personal, and emphasize anyone can participate in whatever way suits them best!
  • Technical: Making sure the projector and the PowerPoints work, setting up the video etc.
  • Logistics: arranging a location.
  • Promo: mobilizing a nice turn out for the info talk and promoting the event.

An information set is in the works which speakers can use as a basis, but you can also use your own materials of course.
Or do you know of a suitable location for a Code Rood info talk? We’d be happy to be linked to a contact person!
Will you help to make Code Rood a bigger mass movement? Send an email to this address!