It is our goal to safely disrupt the gas extraction by the NAM with a big group of people by blocking access to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum. Because of the presence of the toxic and explosive natural gas condensate at the tanker park, this is a potentially dangerous action location. However, because our blockade focuses on blocking access for tankers, we ourselves do not have to enter the terrain. For the safety of all participants and bystanders we will stay on the public roads and not pass through the fences. Apart from this we will also refrain from doing anything involving open fire in the direct environment of the tanker park.
For your own safety we recommend leaving any sunscreen  that is not alcohol-based at home. Don’t use any make-up and don’t wear contacts. Why? In case the police decide to use pepper spray, it could attach to fatty substances. It may also get stuck under your contacts and damage your eyes. Also leave anything that could be seen as a weapon at home!