Performance and Artistic Sharing Evening for Code Rood 5 juli

Where: Nieuwland, Pieter Nieuwland straat 93, Amsterdam (kaart)
When: July 5  19:30 – 21:30
What: Share your  art  & hear about the mass blockade against gas in Groningen!

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This evening is an opportunity to perform or share poems, songs, visual artwork, stories, music or other art which moves you and has an ecology/nature theme or a justice/liberation edge (or both).

People are welcome and invited to share or perform their own work. If you’ve never shared/performed anything before, do go for it as it will be a very friendly, celebratory atmosphere, with no criticism. ☺

Alternatively, if people have favourite poems, songs or other art which are created by others (famous or obscure), and have an eco or justice theme, please come perform/share these too!

If you’re a musician and want to perform something abstract rather than a song (e.g. solo guitar or piano piece) – also great!

There is a projector screen available for videos/visual art. An electric piano is available.

The evening will be a benefit for Code Rood (the mass civil disobedience movement against fossil fuels in the Netherlands).

Please comment below or email if you want to perform or share something.