Newsletter 2 April 2020

Klimaatstrike 3 april #DigitalStrike

This friday, 3 april, Fridays For Future Nederland organises a #digitalstrike, as part of the international climate strike! Everyone can join from their living room! Make a protest sign with something or or someone you love and do not want to loose through any kind of crisis! 💚 Post a picture of you with the sign and the hashtags #digitalstrike and #climatestrikeonline and let the world know who/what you’re thinking of! Every crisis should be treated as a crisis!

Shell Must Fall Song 

Staying at home gets a lot better with good music; especially music with a strong message! Temporary musical formation The Sound Of Climate Justice launched the Shell Must Fall song  on the 18th of March. Tip: Turn up the volume so your neighbours can enjoy with you! 🙂 

Link to YouTube:

Shell Must Fall

The oilcrisis and the Coronacrisis are deeply impacting oil companies, including Shell. This comes with opportunities to nationalise Shell and dismantle the company step by step, while ensuring reparations for impacted communities and ecosystems and a just transition to green jobs for workers. We are adjusting our campaign plans to the new reality and will let you know soon how you can contribute to a just future without Shell.

Systeem Change: A call for action

The coronacrisis shows us, once again, that a system change is necessary to avoid and manage the current crisis en future crises in a just and sustainable way – whether it’s a health crisis, a climate crisis or an economic crisis. Over the upcoming period we will publish a series of articles, ideas, pieces of art and music on our site around the theme of system change and intersectional perspectives. We invite everybody who would like to contribute to contact us at

Read our opening article and our Call for Action here: Shaking the System 

Donations and Telegram channel

To stay informed: Download Telegram and follow this link for the Shell Must Fall channel. With a donation you make it possible for us to do what we do. Donate here