Clean gas is a dirty lie!

For years big fossil fuel companies have been making a fool out of themselves trying to sell gas as a clean fuel for a green energy transition. In reality, in Europe fossil gas is already responsible for more CO2 emissions than coal. To invest in gas is to dodge responsibility for fighting climate change, it is greenwashing at its finest.
This has to end now- Clean gas is a dirty lie and we are finally exposing Shell’s involvement in gas operations all over the world.

This April 1st together with many other activists we have put up posters in more than a dozen European cities to shed light on the situation behind the clean gas narrative: it’s a lie. We sent a message to Shell that we will not let them drill for gas- not in Groningen and not anywhere else!

Follow us on social media to see our actions in Amsterdam, the Hague and Wageningen and read more about the dirty story of Shell’s clean gas. See this article for a more elaborate background story of our action.