What is mass civil disobedience?

Civil disobedience is a type of action where participants intentionally break a law because the consider it to be more just to break that law than to obey it. Especially now that legal protests have not achieved enough and the NAM keeps pumping up natural gas, and the consequences of the gas extraction for Groningen and the climate are so unjust en business nor governments are taking responsibility, we have to go a step further and derange the gas extraction ourselves. We do this as a mass, to show that we are solidary with Groningen and that we are powerful together. Together we will break the power of the fossil fuel industry!

Does that mean I have to do something illegal?

No. Participating in the mass civil disobedience action is just one of the ways to contribute to a fantastic action and camp. There are various ways to contribute to the action. Many will break the law because of necessity. Because there is no time left to not act. Because is not always the same as legitimate. But there are also many that contribute without breaking the law. By going to the legal support demonstration, for example, by helping out at the camp, by making a donation, by organizing with a working group and not joining for the civil disobedience action or simply by being present at the camp. For al these different ways of contributing people are needed, and every role is an active role. Whether you would like to join in for civil disobedience, whether you don’t want to, for whatever reason at all, all ways of contributing are valuable.

Why is the action publicly announced?

We may not be planning on doing something legal, but we are planning on doing something legitimate. Something we believe in. That’s why we have nothing to hide. By publicly announcing the action, we hope to reach as many people as possible and give everyone the chance to join and participate.

Where do I need to be and when to participate in the Code Rood action? 

A large part of the collective organizing and preparation for the action will take place at the camp. Monday the 27th of August will be the most important day of preparation. There will be action trainings the whole day as a warming up for the action. There are also various sessions for creating ‘affinity groups’ and you can get informed about the legal aspects and risks. What’s more, there will be time to make banners and other attributes and there will be workshops about police interrogations, First Aid during actions, dealing with high-stress events, and more.
The last plenary action briefing will take place on Monday night (the first one is on Sunday night). This is the last moment to join one of the groups (‘fingers’) leaving the camp on Monday to go to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum. 
The more parts of this extensive collective preparation at the camp you can attend, the better!
In case you’re really not in a position to come to the camp, e.g. if you have to work on Monday or if you’re on holiday until Monday, then it’s possible to gather at the old hospital in Delfzijl on Tuesday the 28th of August at 12.00. People will be walking from there at 12.30 to go to the tanker park in Farmsum.

Do you have a question that’s not answered here? Send an email to code-rood@riseup.net or contact a specific working group.