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The Action Season Has Started


The demand for action against climate destruction is becoming louder and louder and more and more people are getting involved! On the 10th of March we marched, despite the cold and the rain, with over 40.000 people from the Dam to Museumplein in a legendary Climate March. On the 23rdof March we joined the anti-racism march to put climate racism on the agenda. But, as attention for climate change grows, so does the resistance against climate policies. The huge growth of the climate-denying, white nationalist Forum voor Democratieis something we cannot and will not ignore. We therefore actively work on building strong collaborations with other movements and groups fighting injustice, inequality, exclusion and oppression. Because we’re all part of the same struggle and together we are stronger. And together we can achieve more. In this newsletter we inform you about plans and actions that you can join!


On the 16th of March we organised an action conference in Amsterdam, where we discussed 9 possible actions for Code Rood in 2019. This conference did not lead to a clear and final decision, so we met again on the 22nd of March in an open meeting.  At this meeting we decided together on our goals and priorities for 2019.  Op deze vergadering hebben we gezamenlijk besloten over de doelen en prioriteiten voor 2019. Right now, we are working behind the scenes on the details of our plans. Soon, we will share more information, but be prepared for something BIG! If you want to join the further development of the plans, please contact

ENDE GELANDE – 19-24 JUNE 2019

From 19 til 24 June, the German coalition Ende Gelände organises civil disobedient actions against the lignite indsutrie in the Rheinland area. And it is becoming a tradition by now: Code Rood, Groenfront! and ASEED organise the Dutch participation in Ende Gelände. We will organise busses and action trainings ahead of the action. More information can be found at this website. And we recommend you keep an eye on facebook as well!


Please note: Our Action Conference weekend, that we planned on the 11th and 12th of May is being postponed! We will share a new date soon, which we expect to be in June or July so we can work together on our action plans.


Power Beyond Borders is a mass summer mobilisation organised by Reclaim the Power in the UK from 26 July to 1 August 2019involving a mass camp and mass actions actions against i) new gas infrastructure ii) in solidarity with groups fighting state violence against migrants.

This action has been chosen as one of Ende Gelände’s two international actions that they are supporting and promoting in 2019. Reclaim the Power are making their first international call-out to European comrades to join them for the first time in taking action against both the border industry and against new gas fired power stations at one action camp in July this summer. The aim is shut down a piece damaging energy infrastructure & shut down part of the border industry.

Please email to register your interest in joining the Dutch group heading over there to take action together this July.


Last month we worked together with the eco-village of Diamondiaal in Almere to organise the bloc against climate racism and the anti-racism march.  Now the people in the village are threathened with eviction. Without a suitable living solution for the inhabitants. This is the sad outcome of poor policy and greed.

We find this unjustified and unacceptable and support for the people at Diamondiaal is needed. Here you can find more information about the case. On Friday the 12thof April there is a courtcase, where you can go to show support and solidarity. Groenfront! Almere organises several events and support actions in which you can join. More information on this can be found here. Also, you can sign a petition to stop the eviction.


In more than 35 countries, Extinction Rebellion (XR) kicks of weeks of rebellion as of the 15thof April. The rebellion weeks will include protests and civil disobedience to resist against the ecological crisis we are facing. Hundreds of the people in the Netherlands will join in actions and break the law to disrupt public life.  XR  NL demands that the Dutch government speaks the truth about the ecological crisis and takes real action. On the website of Extinction Rebellion NL you can read all political demands.

On Monday the 15th, the protests start at 15.00 in The Hague, with the ‘Declaration of Rebellion’. After this, actions follow throughout the country. The full programme is available on the website and it is recommended to keep an eye on Facebook for the latest updates.


Apart from helping with action plans, joining actions and supporting Diamondiaal, you can also support climate justice from behind your computer. Tell the people around you about Code Rood and how they can support! Donations are also always welcome:  NL55 TRIO 0388 6023 80 t.n.v. Steungroep NVDA.

Power to the people!

Code Rood

Local meet-ups ‘2 years of Code Rood, and now what?’

Dear people,

After 2 years of Code Rood, the moment for reflection and coming up with next steps for the movement has come. We are faced with questions like: What works well with the organizational form of Code Rood and what should be done differently? How do we build the movement, and what role does Code Rood play within social and climate movements? But also: Are we going for a major mass action in 2019, or do we want to focus on multiple decentralized actions, and are we going to build several local Code Reds?

Several local meetings are already being organized in

Amsterdam on December 13th,
Rotterdam on December 13th,
Leiden on December 14th,
Nijmegen on December 16th,
and Utrecht on December 16th.

You’re encouraged to set up a local meet-up in your city to think about these issues, because Code Rood comes from people everywhere! Mail to for help with setting up a local meet-up, and check out the instructions on the website.

These meet-ups play an important part in determining the direction we are collectively headed as Code Rood, so it would be good if as many people as possible think along! After the local meet-ups we will gather the outcomes for further discussion in February, so that we can do collective decision-making in March!

Don’t forget to also fill out the Code Rood 2018 evaluation form if you haven’tdone so already.

Code Rood

Next Steps for Code Rood, Extinction Rebellion and Earthquake Emergency Exercise

Dear people,

A few months ago we took to mass action to block the entrance of the tanker park in Farmsum, where the toxic waste product resulting from the gas extraction in Groningen is brought. Over a year ago we blocked the coal harbour in Amsterdam. We have celebrated our successes and collected lessons to be learned. And we’ve grown beyond expectation. Now we face the question, now what? Read more in this newsletter about the opportunities for reflection and next steps for Code Rood. Also in this newsletter, information about the actions of Extinction Rebellion in the United Kingdom and the action around the earthquake emergency exercise in Groningen.


After 2 years of Code Rood, the moment for reflection and coming up with next steps for the movement has come. We are faced with questions like: What works well with the organizational form of Code Rood and what should be done differently? How do we build the movement, and what role does Code Rood play within social and climate movements? But also: Are we going for a major mass action in 2019, or do we want to focus on multiple decentralized actions, and are we going to build several local Code Reds?

Several local meetings are already being organized in Amsterdam, Rotterdam (both on 13 December) and Utrecht (16 December). You’re encouraged to set up a local meet-up in your city to think about these issues, because Code Rood comes from people everywhere! Mail to for help with setting up a local meet-up, and check out the instructions on the website.

Don’t forget to also fill out the Code Rood 2018 evaluation form.


It’s Extinction Rebellion in the United Kingdom! Thousands of people are taking to action for their government to treat the urgency of climate chaos as the emergency that it really is. See here their video “Heading for extinction and what to do about it”. Like XR says, the inaction in the face of climate breakdown is criminal, so it is up to us to rebel! Last Saturday thousands of people occupied five important bridges in London. Time is running out and proves that civil disobedience is necessary. Thousands are willing to make the city come to a standstill, willing to be arrested for the resistance against climate injustice, until the truth is told about the threat that climate chaos causes for life everywhere. Watch them closely because this Saturday is Rebellion Day 2.

See also Extinction Rebellion NL if you’re in the Netherlands and take part in the picture this Saturday in solidarity with the action participants in the UK.


Last Saturday an earthquake emergency exercise was organized, to prepare for strong earthquakes caused by the gas extraction. In an impressive creative form of action extra ‘wounded people’ traveled to the exercise to make it less predictable and more realistic. They also announced Groningen to be an ‘unsafe region’. As long as the gas extraction continues, Groningen is not safe. The truth about the disastrous consequences of the gas extraction must be told and action must be taken. After all, we know exactly what needs to happen:



The next steps of Code Red also have to be financed. We are an independent movement that can exist entirely because of volunteers. Do you want to contribute to Code Rood? Transfer a donation to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA).

Do not forget to set up a local meet-up or join an already organized local meeting. The resistance continues!


Code Rood

Ende Gelände, Resistance in Groningen and a Festival for Code Rood!

Dear people,

Last week it was Ende Gelände! Once again thousands of people willingly and knowingly broke the law for an immediate and just phasing-out of lignite. During a whole day and a night the action participants have blocked the train tracks, on which fossil fuel conglomerate RWE transports coal, with their bodies. Also, the resistance against the gas extraction by the NAM, Shell and Exxon in Groningen is growing after the news that there are frequent leakages of toxic natural gas condensate at the Farmsum tanker park. Read on further in this newsletter about these actions and what’s next for Code Rood.


Some 6500 people participated in the mass civil disobedience action in Germany to fight for climate justice. This was the largest civil disobedience action against the fossil fuel industry in European history! This goes to show once again that we are a part of a growing movement that won’t stop until fossil-free world arrives.

140 people traveled there from the Netherlands, many of whom organized themselves with Code Rood for transport. Check out the video here (it depicts light police violence).

This action is also a part of a longer fight for the protection of the Hambach forest, which is threatened by the expansion plans of the coal company RWE. The action has also cost money. On the Ende Gelände website you’ll find more information about the action and on how you can financially support them.


Recently, it became clear that there is a toxic leak at the storage location of the natural gas condensate in Farmsum, which puts the health of people in Farmsum at risk. The life-threatening consequences of natural gas extraction in Groningen are increasing, whilst clarity and certainty are decreasing. During further investigation showed that leakages happen more often, including during the Code Rood sit-in in August.

In response to the leakage, a local action group has blocked the entrance to the tanker park. The entrance to the tanker park has been occupied before, by the participants in the last Code Rood action, amongst others.


Enough disgrace to go around for the NAM. In addition to the news about the leakages, it’s come out that the ‘Centrum Veilig Wonen’ (Centre for Safe Living), which was erected to help those with damages from the natural gas extraction, mad 2,5 million euros of profit in 2017! Business and politics as usual keep putting profit before people.

Luckily over a hundred people were at the Centrum Veilig Wonen yesterday to protest the economic injustice perpetrated by Shell, Exxon, the State and the NAM, which is more than last year! Until we win!


The resistance unites on the dance floor to celebrate the successful Code Rood mass direct action for climate justice in Groningen and to meet new friends to make history again next year! While this event is organized by people active in Code Rood we want to encourage actively inviting your social justice friends who might be active in other areas/groups. The party at OT301 Friday the 7th of December provides a great opportunity for more people to get to know Code Rood folks. Come early for some playful introduction into the resistance.

We still need some help with promotion before and decorations at the night itself. To share the promotion endeavor we would like to invite everyone to think of 2 friends who might be interested in the resistance and reach out to them personally.

Want to help out with the party? mail


After the successful action in August we will, of course, continue! To keep the movement growing, there will be more actions, action conferences, action camps and so on. Do you want to contribute? Transfer a donation to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA).


Code Rood

Are you coming to Ende Gelände?

Dear people,

It’s been almost two months since we started to built our action camp in Leermens. With hundreds of people we blocked the NAM terminal park in Farmsum. A beautiful victory – and meanwhile the fight against the fossil fuel industry continues!
People in Groningen have blocked the terminal park again three times. This remains necessary: the NAM is not only causing earthquakes and climate change, they also leak toxic natural gas condensate into a neighbourhood. And while the IPCC highlighted again the urgency of the climate issue in a new report, the Dutch state lost their appeal in the higher court in the climate case. It is clear: if the government does not do it, then it is up to us to take action to stop the fossil fuel industry.

With our camp and the action in August we got a lot of support from the German movement. Now it is our chance to support them. from 25 to 29 October is Ende Gelände, just across the border with Limburg. Two weeks ago, the court ruled that the clearing of the Hambacher Forrest cannot start. About 50 thousand people came together to celebrate this victory; and they demonstrated fro the end of the coal era. At this moment the German government is discussing the phase-out of coal. And the company RWE just wants to continue with the destructive lignite mining. We will not let that happen. With thousands we will block the Hambach lignite mines and surrounding infrastructure with mass civil disobedience.
People from all over Europe are joining forces to make this Ende Gelände a historic moment for the climate. There are 22 busses coming to the camp and even a train from Prague with stops in Leipzig, Hannover and Berlin – with over thousand seats. Code Rood is organising two busses from the Netherlands. Only a couple of spaces are free, so make sure to sign-up fast.

Code Rood 2018 was a big success!!

Dear people,

The action week of Code Rood in Groningen was a huge success! Thanks to
hundreds of participants in the action, volunteers, donors and people
who have spread our message we sent out a strong signal: the use of
fossil fuels has to stop now and its time for a fair recovery of
Groningen and the climate! With approximately 700 people we disrupted
the gas extraction of the NAM, by a massive civil disobedient sit-in.
During the action week we also created many bridges between movements,
through a rich and inspiring program at the camp in Leermens. In this
newsletter we look back, we offer information about recovery and support
and we also will look forward!


In the meantime the action camp has been broken off and the footage is
created. The video of the action you can find here and on our flickr [1]
you will find different pictures being made during the action week. And
we made the news in various ways! From the local to the national [2] and
internationally [3]! On the Code Rood YouTube [4] page you can also
watch many interviews, speeches and a recording of a camp program panel.


Action is necessary as well as good, but they can involve stressful
experiences. When we enter an action we wilfully place ourselves in a
possibly vulnerable situation; (a form of) violence or intimidation can
be used against you or your comrades. This can have an impact on you.
Sometimes you will notice it right away, sometimes not until you are
back from the action environment. Maybe you have seen the Support &
Recovery team in the camp or during the action, you can get in contact
with them also in the weeks after the action for support in your
recovery. If you are experiencing reactions caused by high-stress action
situations or if you need more information about impact and tips for
recovery you can reach this team by dialing +31682604069 of by email: See also the Support & Recovery


On behalf of the legal team we want to thank everyone for their
testimonies and sent-in pictures/footage. Unfortunately some people got
injured by police violence, some of whom are considering filing a legal
complaint. Did you experience or see police violence and do you think
that your report of this might contribute to legal proceedings, you can
still share it with the legal team (read below how). This concerns only
what you have personally witnessed and not what you have heard form
others. If you want to give your testimony, it will help the legal team
if you note the time & location specifically. You can also mention
police that were not aggressive, we are trying to get the ‘full

Keep in mind that -just like during the action – you don’t use names or
share other personal information about others over an insecure
connection! If you have email secured with PGP, you can mail us at (key in attachments) If you don’t know what
that is or don’t have it,you can contact us at the same email address to
discuss options and maybe make an appointment, if you think the
information you want to share might be sensitive. Final note: if we want
to use your story or
imagery in filing a complaint, we will ask for your permission, so
please make sure we can reach you for that.”


Less than a week after the end of the blockade of the tanker park of the
NAM in Farmsum, Groningen, Bram and Marcel are once again at the
location to stop the trucks with the toxic natural gas condensate from
entering. With the two of them they are making it very clear that this
resistance is not over yet. Until we win! They have been arrested and
are free again and you can support them by donating to the Code Rood
bank account for their legal costs (IBAN: NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80, name:
Steungroep NVDA), please include “Bram en Marcel” in the transfer
description. At the end of the sitting blockade the last action
participants of Code Rood walked by the group of justice in Groningen
_Ons laand ons luu_ to deliver the banners, in doing so symbolically
handing over the resistance. They had no idea this would be followed up
on so quite so quickly.

Power to you Bram and Marcel!


Once you start with action for justice you might want more. Check the
possibilities to join in local or international actions for the
collective stride for climate justice in the list below.

Here are already some dates to put in your agenda:

Follow-up Code Rood:

7 December: CODE ROOD BENEFIT PARTY @ OT301 Amsterdam

Climate Socials:

22-23 September: Climate festival Milieudefensie

19-21 October: Local Conference of Youth Netherlands

Actions abroad:

08 September: World actionday: Rise for climate

22-30 September: Skillshare in Hambi [5] /Hambach Forest occupation

13 October: Global Gasdown/Frackdown
13 & 14 Oktober: Free the Soil mass action meeting @ Hamburg

25-29 Oktober: Ende Gelände Actie [6]

13-17 November: Hannover Climate & Justice Games

16-18 November: Climate Justice Action network meeting (Czech Republic)


Code Rood is a grassroots organisation. This means that everything is
entirely organized by volunteers. Everyone who wants, can participate in
the decision-making process. So if you want to share your thoughts about
what we do, how we do it, our goals, or for example what should be
written in the manifest, you can join us. There are 11 different working
groups. Many hands and heads make the work light. The working group Camp
for example, is taking care of everything concerning the camp, MeCom is
among others engaged in the social media and press, IT & Webteam takes
care of the website, and so on. (facilitation, mobilisation,
intersectionality, program, EARS, Legal, …). If you are interested to
organize an information-evening, spread promotional materials, develop a
program or make up actions and strategies: you can look for the email
addresses of the working groups on the site: [7]


More climate justice, more action! To continue our people power and make
the movement grow, more evaluation conferences, action conferences and
mass civil disobedience actions are to come. Would you like to
contribute to this? Make a donation to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name:
Steungroep NVDA). This bank account can also be used for camp donations
for those who wanted to contribute back in Groningen but did not have
the cash to do so.

Love, recovery and revolt,

Code Rood


Police use batons, pepper spray to break up Groningen anti-gas demo


Skillshare in Hambi from 22.9-30.9.2018


Friday’s the day – everything you

Dear people,

Friday’s the day! The Code Rood camp is starting. It’s looking to be an
unforgettable action. At this point the cycle ride from the U.K. [1] is
on their way to Groningen. Rumor has it that the Dutch police withdrew
all previously accepted requests for police leaves for the week of the
Code Rood action in the three northern provinces of the Netherlands. And
we are ready and determined to make our plans come true. Together we
will block the NAM’s tanker park in Farmsum on the 28th of August!

For this newsletter we made an overview for everything you need to know
before coming to the Code Rood camp! In this email you will find a lot
of important information on:

* The way to the camp
* Updates on your cell
* The camp program
* Preparing for the sitting blockade
* Action consensus & safety
* Legal information
* What to bring with you?
* Donations


The info on the Code Rood camp location got in today. The camp will be
very near Leermens, at around 4 km from the train station in Loppersum.
There’s a bus going from the train station, four times a day. Shuttle
transport will be available in case you’re not able to find your own
transport to the action camp. You can also still for the bus from
Utrecht [2], which leaves on Friday at 17.00, and from Amsterdam [2],
which leaves on Saturday at 11.00.

And see this link for the travel directions to the camp! [2]


Besides our twitter updates [3] we can update people on the action and
the camp using the Telegram app. Everyone who has a smartphone can
download the app here. Telegram is a way to safely communicate and is
similar to Whatsapp.

Click here to follow the Code Rood channel [4]!


An impressive program is ready for you at the camp starting Saturday.
Saturday and Sunday are all about discussion and depth as well as movies
and music. The program for Monday will revolve around the action
preparations specifically. On Thursday we will evaluate and discuss how
we can make both the world and activism more sustainable, and we will
focus on what’s ahead of us after the action. On Friday we will
collectively break down the camp. If you can, you’re encouraged to help
out at the camp whether that will be cooking, cleaning or whatever else.
Together we are the camp!

Read the program booklet for the action camp here [5]!


On Tuesday the 28th of August, the day also known for the historical
Groningen Liberation, we will take to mass action. From the action camp
we will head to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum, an important point in
the infrastructure of the gas extraction by the NAM. Here we will use
our bodies to block the tankers transporting toxic natural gas
condensate. Our sitting blockade could take more than one day and is at
a biking distance from the camp.

A big part of collectively organization and preparing the action will
take place at the camp. Monday will be the most important day for this.
On that day there will be action trainings as a way of warming up for
the action. What’s more, there will be various opportunities for forming
affinity groups [6] and you can get information on the legal aspects
[7]. Apart from that, we will be making banners and other action
materials collectively and there will be workshops on police
interrogations, First Aid during actions and dealing with high-stress

In the evening of Monday the 27th the last plenary action briefing will
take place (the first one will be on Sunday evening). This will be the
last moment to join one of the groups (‘fingers’) leaving from the camp
to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum on Tuesday. The more you can present
at out of this extensive collective preparation at the camp, the better.


The action consensus is a collective framework that is undertaken by all
participants of the Code Rood action in Groningen this August 2018. The
action consensus conveys that we take care of each other and that we
support each other, also in a large action such as Code Rood. “We say
what we do and we do what we say.” All people that accept this consensus
are welcome to join this action. Because of the extensive and careful
process and considering the goals it is aming to achieve the action
consensus is very important to us.

Important: read the action consensus [8] and safety guidelines [9]!


It is possible you will be arrested when demonstrating or participating
in actions. The arrest group (AG) team is there to support people who
have been arrested (and might be detained longer). They offer workshops
at the camp for elaborate information about your rights during
demonstrations and during a possible arrest.

Check out the legal information now! [7]


Are your bags packed for the camp and the action yet? Don’t forget that
the sitting blockade may continue into the night, so bring a sleeping
bag and if you want, a sleeping pad. And if possible, come by bike! Do
you have a spare bike? Consider bringing it to the camp as well.

Here you will find the packing list for the camp [10] and the packing
list for the action [11]!


Many people have contributed a donation already, many thanks! To
complete the funds for the camp we will still need around 10.000 euros.

A contribution of 5 euros (or more) a day would be much appreciated. The
action kitchen Le Sabot is offering three delicious meals a day for a
suggested price of 7.50 euro per day. It would be appreciated if those
who have a bit more can contribute a bit more, so people who have less
don’t have to spend so much.

There is no pin machine near the camp, so take cash money with you. Or
transfer donations to NL 55 TRIO 0338 6023 (name: Steungroep NVDA).

Make a donation now and share our crowdfunding! [12]

See you on Friday at the action camp!


Code Rood



De fietstocht uit het V.K. is vandaag vertrokken! Tijdens de komende 6 dagen gaan meer dan 10 bussen en fietstochten…

Geplaatst door Code Rood op Zaterdag 18 augustus 2018

[4] tg://resolve?domain=CodeRoodvoorGroningen

Only 6 more days until the Code Rood camp

Dear people,

The Code Rood action camp starts in 1 week! The complete program is
online and the last preparations are up and going. It’s a good moment to
think about how you’ll be getting to the camp and how you can help!


Have you already reserved a sport in one of the BUSES? We are leaving
from Utrecht on the 24th of August at 5pm to go to Groningen! You can
sign up here [1].

There’s a bus going from Amsterdam [2] too. All busses are returning on
the 31st of August, so we’re offering a return ticker for just a tenner!
Going one way will only cost you 5EUR.

Is your bike ready to join the CYCLE RIDE? We’re leaving from Nijmegen
[3] on the 22nd and from Utrecht [4] on the same day.

Are you still looking for a ride to the Code Rood camp? Or can you drive
and do you have a free spot to offer? Check out the Börse [5], the
platform where you can ride share!


The program [6] is now set and online! From storytelling around a camp
fire to a lecture by Andreas Malm, from interrogation training to art
space, there’s something for everyone. On the program web page you will
also find the program booklet and a more extensive description for each
part of the program.

You will get the chance to prepare for the action extensively at the
camp. Especially Monday the 27th of August will be all about the action
preparations. There will be legal briefings with space for questions
during the whole day. A top tip in advance: don’t talk to the police
[7]! The Support & Recovery team will talk about what they can do for
people who experience actions after high-stress events during/after the
action and there will be a moment where we practice the
‘finger’-structure. There will be a last plenary briefing, and there
will be space to form affinity groups (who knows with people you meet in
the bus [8] on your way to the camp, or who knows with other people if
you don’t know anyone yet), and on the 28th of August we’ll be ready to

Do you still want to take part in an action training? The previous ones
have been enormously successful, thanks to everyone who’s facilitated,
mobilized and taken part! There will be another action training at the
camp on Saturday the 25th of August. You can sign up here; [9] the
sign-up page is in Dutch but we can offer translation during the action
training itself.


Do you have a driver’s license and are you able to come to the camp on
the 24th, 25th or 26th of August? We could use your help! In order to
make the fantastic program come true we’ll need to pick up a few
speakers from the train station, and we still need some people who’d be
willing to drive. If you can do this, please send an email to And if you’re coming to the camp
from outside Groningen by car anyways, maybe you can also offer ride on
the Börse!

Heb je een rijbewijs en kun je op 24, 25 of 26 augustus al op het kamp
zijn? We kunnen je hulp gebruiken! Om het fantastische programma waar te
maken moeten er een aantal sprekers van het station worden opgehaald.
Daar kunnen we goed hulp bij gebruiken! Als je dit zou kunnen doen,
stuur even een mailtje naar . En
mocht je met de auto van buiten Groningen komen, misschien kun je ook
wel een plaatsje aanbieden op de Börse [5]!


We could use your help! During the action week we’ll be making one GIANT
BANNER comprised of many different contributions from Groningen and
beyond to make it very clear that the resistance against the fossil fuel
industries is alive and everywhere! We are looking for sheets of fabric
to be able to do this. See this web page for more information:

See you in 6 days!


Code Rood


*Registration Closed* Utrecht bus naar Code Rood camp


Full-Registration Bus Amsterdam naar Code Rood actie + camp


Actietraining 25 augustus in actiekamp Code Rood

Code Rood camp in less than two weeks!

Dear people,

The Code Rood action camp starts in less than TWO WEEKS! In this
newsletter you’ll find more info that you need to know for the action
and the camp. There’s more legal info, safety info and info on
when&where you need to be to still join the mass sitting blockade. Read
on for (amongst other things) transport options to camp, the program,
the legal support demonstration and see how you can help!


Before the action begins it’s a good idea to take note of a few things.
The action consensus [1] is one of the more important documents and
there are a few points on safety [2] as well. For instance, it’s
important to know that we can’t have any open fire at/near the action
location and we shouldn’t take anything that could be considered to be a
weapon. Because there are explosive and toxic materials in the tanker
park itself, we will not enter the terrain and will stay on the road to
block access to the terrain for the tankers, this way we won’t have to
enter through the fences ourselves. It’s also good to check out the
legal info [3] and the information on support and recovery [4]
beforehand. At the camp there will be more opportunities to learn more
about these different topics, especially on the day before the action
(Monday the 27th of August). On Monday night the last plenary action
briefing will take place (the first one is on Sunday night). This is
also the last moment to still join one of the groups (‘fingers’) that
leave from the camp to the NAM tanker park in Farmsum on Tuesday.


Besides the Code Rood civil disobedience action, a completely legal
demonstration [5] against the gas extraction will take place on August
28th, organized by local groups. This demonstration is accessible to
everyone. For this support demonstration, participants will gather at
the Commandementsplein (a five minute walk from the Delfzijl train
station). Various people have been invited to speech at this square.
After that, participants will start walking toward the NAM tanker park
to encourage those participating in the blockade and return to the
square afterwards. The march will take about one hour.


In a few days two groups are leaving to join the Code Rood CYCLE RIDE!
There’s a group that starts all the way in London to cycle to the action
camp. You can join them from Utrecht and from Nijmegen! Check out the
website [6] to sign up!

Apart from the cycle ride, there will be BUSSES leaving from The Hague,
Utrecht and Amsterdam to the Code Rood action camp. They will both
return on August 31st. For more info, see also the website [6]. On the
website you will also find extensive INTERNATIONALtravel options.

Our friends from Ende Gelände have also set up a Börse [7]. This is a
platform where you can offer empty seats in your CAR or look for someone
with whom you can hitch a ride!


The program for the whole action week is now official! People like
Andreas Malm, Sandra Beckerman and Patricia Kaersenhout will be speaking
there and there will be plenty of space for action preparations: form an
affinity group, join the last action training, decorate your action
outfit and get better informed on the legal details, your own resilience
and the problems around natural gas locally and globally. The program
will be uploaded to this web page [8]asap!


This weekend our friends from the Climate Games in Switzerland
[9]stopped the oil port in Basel for hours! They are vocal about their
solidarity with Code Rood [10], so we have something to prove this
summer! It goes to show that we are a part of a growing movement of
people power breaking the power of the fossil fuel industries. In two
weeks it’ll be your turn, Shell, Exxon and NAM!


During the camp and the action we will have our own Code Rood
live-stream! At the camp we will go live for 20 minutes twice a day and
during the mass action we will give out an update every two hours. This
way everyone who is not (yet) at the camp or who can’t join in with the
action can still follow everything! During the live-stream there will be
space for interviews so you can share your story, motivation and
enthusiasm. Because we are all Code Rood! If you have suggestions or
ideas about the content of the live-stream, send an email to the media
and communication working group!


BUILDING THE CAMP AND CLEANING UP: Are you already looking forward to
the Code Rood camp and can you help to make it come alive? There are
people needed in the couple of days before the action week to help
building the camp and in the couple of days after the action week to
help break it down and clean up. Are you interested? Send an email to! Tips: it’s even more fun if you bring your

DONATIONS: A weeklong camp and a mass action, it may cost quite
something! Have you already donated? You can transfer to NL55 TRIO 0338
6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA), where you are partaking in the action
or just are supportive! It is also a good idea to bring cash money to
the action camp for both donations for food and for Code Rood. For the
camp a donation of 5 euros (or more) per day is really appreciated and
the action kitchen Le Sabot [11] will be offering three delicious meals
each day for a suggested price of 7,50 euros.


Code Rood.


Fahrradblockade Ölhafen Basel

Think global, block local! In solidarity with Ende Gelände, Code Rood, Hambacher Forst Besetzung, Unify No DAPL, Limity jsme my, Kohle er.Setzen, System Change, not Climate Change

Geplaatst door Climate Games Basel op Vrijdag 10 augustus 2018


Action camp in three weeks!

Dear people,

The Code Red action camp starts in 19 days! All the more reason to stay well up to date. Each day more is confirmed about the program, more transport options are organized and more information about the action itself becomes available. Did you already think about how you’ll prepare, how you’ll get to the camp, and what and whom you’ll bring? Or maybe you would like help with the organization! Read on for more information about the upcoming action trainings, the camp, the transport options, and the mass civil disobedience action!


Don’t forget to grab one of the last opportunities to join an action training! There are trainings still coming up in UtrechtDelfzijl, Amsterdam (on the 18th and the 19th of August), Nijmegen and another last one at the action camp, in case you’ll have to miss the other ones. These are great opportunities for everyone to get to know others who are interested in taking part in the action, to exchange action strategies or to get more info about civil disobedience and climate justice. Sign up for an action training here!

Moreover, there are two events in Amsterdam this week for those who are interested: a stickering workshop and an info picnic!


Do you already know how you’ll get to the camp? There are a few organized transport options. Buses are going from Amsterdam, from The Hague, from Utrecht and even from Brussels. Our friends from Ende Gelände are organizing a Börse where you can find options to hitch a ride with someone or offer a free space in you car. You can also join the bike ride all the way from London to Groningen. You can join in at Utrecht and Nijmegen. On the website you can find an overview of these options:


More and more program components are getting confirmed for the Code Red action camp 2018! This year the camp will last seven days and it comes with a rich program! From art space to a lecture by Andreas Malm, from panel discussions to sports field, there’s something for everyone.

The 25th of August is all about the problems around natural gas, locally and globally. On the 26th of August we’re talking methods, strategies, alternatives and the different ways to be active in the fight against fossil fuel industry and for climate justice. On the 27th of August we’re preparing for the action and on the 28th we’ll get started! Keep an eye on the website and the Facebook page, because the program is going to be diverse and impressive!


Don’t forget to pack well as your prepare for the action! On the website you can find an overview of what to bring (and what not to bring) to the action. There’s a separate packing list for the camp. If you are coming to the camp, please also take a look at the guidelines!


Mobilizing a mass, collecting all the needed materials, preparing the action, you name it. It takes a village to disrupt the gas extraction! Would you also like to contribute? You can help in many different ways! We are specifically looking for help with the following things.

  • Performances during the blockadeIn addition to speeches and discussions about the impacts of gas extraction and climate change, we would like to bring motivation, energy and joy for all the participants with a lively artistic program with for instance theatre, dance, poetry, music performances that could fit in the program. The performances that could include topics such as climate change/fossil fuel/ Groningen gas struggle/ civil disobedience/ climate justice are more than welcome.In addition, we warmly encourage every participant to bring instruments and games during the blockade and come with ideas to keep us engaged and enthusiastic. Are you interested? Contact us by email:!
  • Photographers. The media team could use a little help with the photography! For both at the camp and during the action we still need people who would like to take pictures. Are you interested? Contact us by email:
  • Drone footage. We are also planning on shooting some footage using drones during the action week. Can you do this or do you know someone who might? Contact us by email:
  • Translation. During the camp the working group Facilitation will organize plenary gatherings every morning and evening to give updates on the program of the day. These gatherings are held in Dutch and considering that we also expect international guests, we need people who can help translate from Dutch to English. Experience is not needed, but it would be good if you already have an idea about how live translation works. Do you understand Dutch well and do speak English well? Contact us via email:
  • Financing the action we also do together, of course, so you can always contribute by donatingan amount to NL55 TRIO 0338 6023 80 (name: Steungroep NVDA). 


Code Rood